Abbess’s Snow River™ Thermal System is a low-cost, liquid circulating, single-stage chiller that is capable of being fully integrated so that is supplies stable, precise and reliable temperatures in the range of -40C to +200C to any heat exchanger or thermal load.

This single stage -40C to 150C thermal system is a cost effective and flexible system that provides reliable and efficient thermal cycling.

This single stage -40C to 200C thermal system is a cost effective and flexible system that provides reliable and efficient thermal cycling.

Snow River™ Thermal Systems are the most flexible closed loop liquid chiller systems offered by Abbess. This economical single-stage system utilizes efficient compressors, evaporators, and condensers to achieve stable and precise temperatures. These systems eliminate the high running cost of liquid nitrogen (LN2) systems and offer precise control across a wide range of temperatures from -40C to +200C.

The Snow River™ Thermal Systems can be configured to incorporate any thermal load including those offered by Abbess such as a thermal plate, finned heat exchanger or a recirculating thermal fluid.

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These single-stage thermal systems can be used for:

  • Environmental test chambers (with altitude, temperature, and humidity control)
  • Thermal vacuum chambers
  • Low-temperature freezers
  • Laboratory freezers and blood bank coolers
  • Lyophilizers (freeze dryers)
  • Thermal shock testing
  • Chillers for lasers, NMRs, Cold Traps, Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometers and other devices
  • Cold Storage
  • Thermal Cycling Incubators
  • Biological storage (biological refrigeration)
  • Short-term DNA storage
  • Precise biological genetic sample preservation
  • Forensic sample storage/preservation
  • Insect growth chambers and incubation systems

If you require ultra low temperatures check-out the Snow River™ Cascade Thermal System (-96C to +150C)!

Integration of your process or thermal load with Snow River™ is easy!

Each single-stage Snow River™ Thermal System consists of refrigeration compressors, heat exchangers, heaters, and condensers working in collaboration to cool down as low as -40C and heat up to +200C. The refrigerant is then used to either heat or cool the bath of heat exchange fluid to maintain the desired temperature ranging from -40C to +200C. Abbess’s most common application is using a heat exchanger at the evaporator to cool a sealed bath of heat exchange fluid, which can then be easily piped to the application’s heat load such as:

  • Thermal plates
  • Thermal shrouds
  • Cold fingers
  • Cold traps
  • Storage coolers
  • Storage cabinets

Abbess’s line of Snow River™ Thermal Systems are all liquid chillers capable of temperatures ranging from +200C to -96C

Snow River™ Thermal Systems
Model Theoretical Cooling Capacity [W] Specification for thermal transfer fluid Specification for Unit
Heating Capacity [W] Min Temp [°C] Max Temp [°C] Unit Operating Voltage [V] Unit Length/Width/Height [in]
C40-2 1,400 (at -40 °C) 3000 -50 200 220 63.25/35.375/37.5
C40-4 2,900 (at -40 °C) 3000 -50 200 220 63.25/35.375/37.5
C40-6 4,400 (at -40 °C) 3000 -50 200 220 63.25/35.375/37.5
C40-7.5 5,500 (at -40 °C) 3000 -50 200 460 63.25/35.375/37.5
C40-13 9,100 (at -40 °C) 3000 -50 200 460 63.25/35.375/37.5
C40-15 10,900 (at -40 °C) 3000 -50 200 460 63.25/35.375/37.5
C80-2 1,000 (at -80 °C) 3000 -96 200 220 36/60/32
C80-4 2,100 (at -80 °C) 3000 -96 200 220 36/60/32
C80-6 3,100 (at -80 °C) 3000 -96 200 220 36/60/48
C80-7.5 3,800 (at -80 °C) 3000 -96 200 460 36/60/48
C80-13 6,400 (at -80 °C) 3000 -96 200 460 36/60/48
C80-15 7,700 (at -80 °C) 3000 -96 200 460 36/60/48

Abbess’s thermal systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your application.

Pre-cooling the 20 gallons of oil to -96C takes approximately 4 hours and allows the system to cool a 36-pound (16.3 Kg) aluminum plate from +100C to -96C in about 1 hour. By pre-cooling a sealed bath of silicone oil (-96C) or propylene glycol to (-50C) and then pumping the cooled fluid through the heat load faster ramp rates are achieved. A precooled fluid also allows for efficient cooling, better gradients across the load, more versatile plumbing configurations and simple system installation.

Thermal and vacuum systems can also be custom configured in sizes ranging from 1 horsepower to 34 horsepower systems and can be designed to operate at low (-40C) and ultra-low (-96C) temperatures. These systems can be used in conjunction with our vacuum systems to provide space simulation profiles or they can be custom-made to provide cooling for a variety of other applications such as biological/medical storage and freeze drying. These systems are entirely customizable and can be sized to cool your product, environment or working fluid to specific temperatures at various rates. Abbess Snow River™ Thermal systems can be configured with air or fluid heat rejection with redundant heat rejection options available.

Our systems have been proven to be reliable and low maintenance in NASA simulation systems for years and have earned a reputation for quality, performance and, control that is simply unmatched by any of our competitors.

Flexible Control and Diagnostic Capabilities

Abbess offers a variety of control and diagnostic packages that can fit your specific application and budget. These control systems could be as basic as a simple thermostatic control or as advanced as a data logging touch screen PC interface capable of integrated system diagnostics. Stand-alone PID Temperature controllers can also be utilized for simple, precise thermal control and profiling.