Abbess Instruments’s Modular Group of interactive Cooling and/or heating Recirculating Systems allows a customer to easily build modular designs that require redundant, controllable temperature (with a set point range from –80C to 100C), interactivity,  scalable capacity, and flexible configurations of thermal control elements.

Cooling/Heating Recirculating Systems

Uses include:

  • Cooling and/or Heating Recirculating Systems
  • Modular refrigeration systems
  • Biological sample storage
  • Bio sample management
  • Bio storage
  • Custom cryo storage
  • Sample storage
  • Controlled refrigeration systems
  • Laboratory sample management
  • Cryopreservation systems
  • Sample storage refrigeration
  • Pharmaceutical refrigeration systems
  • Precise cooling equipment
  • Cold chain
  • Sample storage
  • Sample preservation

Chiller with Optional PC Touchscreen Controller


Basic Cascade Chiller

Designed and produced for use within custom -80C Bio sample storage and retrieval systems, as well as Space Simulation Thermal Vacuum Chambers for the Mars Lander, our systems are ideal for long-term storage of biological/biomedical samples and materials.

The Cooling/Heating Recirculating Systems design also accommodates a wide range of controlled temperature uses incubation and growth environments/rooms within customer programmed thermal cycles.

The storage of sample materials as low as a sustained -80C is accomplished via individually designed and controlled thermal platens that can encompass individual sample storage compartments. These recirculating systems are built in 3 standard capacities levels dependent on customer needs, however, Abbess can custom fit a design for your application and system requirements.

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The Abbess Control Program provides control and feedback of the cascade refrigeration system in real-time and is capable of diagnosing potential system issues.

Equipped with an optional touchscreen computer, our systems allow for monitoring and control through the Abbess’s Control Program. If needed, an automated emergency LN2 cooling, defrost functions, as well as temperature monitoring, data logging, remote functions, communications and integrated system control is available through the program. Thermal profiles can be created and stored within the application for a wide ranger of thermal processes and/or cycles.

The program monitors 21 temperature points and 7 pressure points within the whole system.

Feedback from the temperature and pressure sensors allow the program to determine the health of the system. This allows real-time system diagnostics capability, with which redundant/backup systems can be integrated.

The Abbess Control Program divides the diagnostic status into three simple states: Running, Warning and Fault.

  • Running status – means the system is running without any issues.
  • Warning status – alerts the user to a slight error in the system but does not interfere with operation but may require service soon.
  • Fault status – will stop the system because the system ran out of specification and cannot continue to run. At this point the system can turn on the redundant or emergency cooling.

Time, temperature, pressure and error records are available through the data logging file which is exportable to spreadsheet programs.

tabletRemote operation allows the user to control and monitor the system securely from any computer or mobile device via the Internet.

Time, temperature, pressure and error records are available through the data logging file which is exportable to spreadsheet programs.

Abbess Instruments’s Cooling/Heating Recirculating Systems are designed and produced to protect the integrality of stored materials and provide reliable and accurate temperature control of critical system components.

Call Abbess today for all your bio sample and bio storage needs and speak to an engineer directly. Abbess can provide a scalable, customized solution to your modular refrigeration and sample preservation strategy.

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Front View - Chiller with PC Touchscreen Controller

Front View – Chiller with PC Touchscreen Controller

Chiller – Rear View